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Must-Known Facts About Blepharoplasty in Cincinnati

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Blepharoplasty in Cincinnati

The eyes may be the mirror of your soul but you must take the pains to make them attractive as well. Although you are likely to correct your vision as it deteriorates with age. The same does not apply to your eyebrows and eyelids, unfortunately. No worries! Go ahead and consult a reputed cosmetic surgeon to reverse those nagging signs of age from your eyelids by opting for a surgical procedure or blepharoplasty in Cincinnati

Why Consider Blepharoplasty In Cincinnati?

Bright and lively eyes certainly add to one’s attractiveness. However, that becomes a thing of the past as you age slowly but surely. While you may be eager to go through surgery for cosmetic reasons, others may desire it to correct functionality issues as well. The common reasons to consider blepharoplasty include the following:-

  • To correct baggy or drooping eyelids
  • Too much skin on the upper eyelids that blocks peripheral vision
  • Excessive skin on the lower eyelid
  • Formation of bags under the eye

A majority of patients hoping to go for blepharoplasty find it convenient to combine it with other cosmetic procedures simultaneously. You may thus consider surgeries for the following alongside blepharoplasty: 

  • Eyebrow lift
  • Facelift
  • Skin resurfacing

Are you the right candidate for blepharoplasty?

There are not many conditions for undergoing the procedure. However, a consultation with the surgeon before the procedure can help prepare for it. An ideal candidate to go through eyelid surgery is:-

  • Anxious about droopy eyelid
  • Has excessive fat accumulation on the upper or lower eyelid or both
  • Must be of good general health
  • Must be between 40 and 70 years of age
  • Must not be diagnosed with dry eyes or glaucoma
  • Must not have any heart conditions
  • There should be no history of bleeding disorders

What do you gain from blepharoplasty?

Looking attractive is not something limited to a young age. On the contrary, people of every age hope to look their best regardless of their age. It is therefore natural to aspire to be presentable. The eyes must be perfect in every sense of the word too. Some of the most important reasons to consider blepharoplasty today include the following:-

  • You look tired all the time
  • Your vision is obstructed without any underlying eye ailment
  • The crease on your upper eyelid is not visible anymore
  • You suffer from allergies that make your eyes look too puffy
  • You want to regain your self-confidence

Remember that the results of blepharoplasty in Cincinnati will not be miraculous. Instead, you have to wait for 10 to 14 days for full recovery. Again, the scars may take months to heal properly. It is most important to follow the advice of your surgeon. Do not expect the same results as other patients undergoing the same procedure though. On the contrary, the results will be varied as recovery depends on multiple factors. It is further important to know that the results of the surgery may last for a lifetime. Unfortunately, some patients have to opt for another session as droopy eyelids may recur after some time. 

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