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Professional Teeth Whitening: The Ultimate Guide

Teeth Whitening Guide

“Smiling is the best way to face every problem, to crush every fear and to hide every pain.” —Will Smith

When you throw a warm smile at your near and dear ones, your face is beamed with joviality.

It can be more vibrant if you have a pair of whitening teeth to mesmerize your smile.

If you’re ready to win a legion of fans with your smile, whitened teeth could make it a cakewalk. On that note, professional teeth whitening can beautify your appearance.

Why should I opt for a professional tooth-whitening service near me?

This blog will uncloak the answers if you’re still finding the reasons. Before delving deeper, let’s take a brief look at what are professional teeth whitening dubai. 

What is professional teeth whitening?

It is a complete dental procedure that entails bleaching the teeth enamel in order to brighten and whiten the appearance with the help of dental experts. In other words, it is also known as “in-office teeth bleaching.”

In-office professional teeth whitening treatments are completed with several short appointments. This process involves the following-

  •         Highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the teeth and kept on the same for 15-20 mins. This gel is applied at several intervals for a profound whitening effect.  However, a special rubber dam protects the patients’ gums. Otherwise, it will burn the gum.
  •       High intensity light like halogen, UV or LED is combined with hydrogen peroxide. The light is incorporated with a laser device/lamp, which sits directly on the outer portion of your mouth.

7 reasons why you consider professional teeth whitening

People opt out for professional teeth whitening to make them whiter, which makes them more confident. On the other hand, there may be other reasons, too, which we will unfold in the following paragraphs.

1. Boost your confidence

According to a study, people with a whiter shade of teeth are more likely to make new friends than those who don’t. Also, they are perceived as smarter by society. The whiter your teeth, the better you look. It will bolster your confidence level.

The healthy glow will positively impact your oral health and improve your overall health. According to research, people who have whiter teeth do experience less depression compared to those who have stained teeth. 

2. Makes you more attractive

A warm smile can even turn your enemy into a good friend. As human beings spend a significant amount of time interacting with each other, the first impression matters. On that note, a pearl-white smile can make the impression count, irrespective of the person you’re encountering with. So, if you want to catch someone’s attention with your smile, whiter teeth would help you to do it seamlessly. 

3. Safe procedure

Professional teeth whitening is a better way than teeth bleaching. As the experts will use the quality products to whiten your teeth, there will be barely any harm during this procedure. However, you can consult a dental expert before proceeding with teeth whitening.

4. Long-term results

At-home teeth whitening may fade within two to four weeks after the treatment. On the contrary, professional teeth whitening may last up to 2-3 years. Also, it is more effective than over-the-counter options based on real-life scenarios.

5. Usage of highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide

The professional teeth whitening process entails a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide than home products. This makes a huge difference in the result. Additionally, incorporating state-of-the-art practices helps it become a worthy whitening process.

6. Cost-effective

“How much teeth whitening will cost?” –  this is the first question people ask when it comes to avail teeth whitening. The truth is that you don’t need to spend much to get a whiter shade of teeth. According to a UAE-based dentist, “The price of teeth whitening won’t give you a heart attack. In fact, average teeth whitening price in UAE is 750 affordable AED. Also, dental insurance will help you save some of your cash.

7. No pain

During the treatment, there will be no pain.  Dentists will use the latest teeth whitening method, which will barely cause you any embarrassment. The ingredients used during the treatment are professional and highly concentrated compared to the available over-the-counter solutions.

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How the teeth whitening process works

Teeth whitening procedure involves the following procedure-

  •         Dental cleaning– It entails brushing and flossing to remove loose food debris and plaque. This is the initial procedure that is done before starting the bleaching process.
  •         Teeth bleaching– This stage involves the usage of hydrogen peroxide by dentists. They allow the same to sit on your teeth. Once done, they use the lasers to activate the whitening process. This will increase the speed of penetration between the layers of your teeth to break down the existing teeth stains.  
  •         Rinsing– Based on your teeth staining condition, the dentist can repeat the bleaching process. After it is done, the dentist performs thorough rinsing to wipe out the bleaching agents.

Benefits of teeth whitening treatment

Professional teeth whitening treatment not only can help you to bring back your pearl white smile, but it is essential to keep your overall oral health good. Here are the benefits-

1. Enhanced oral care

Patients who have avail teeth whitening from professional dentists are more likely to overcome various oral infections. Also, regular brushing and flossing after the treatment help them to maintain sound oral health.

2. Helps you to save your precious time

Over-the-counter and traditional methods may take months to produce the result. On the contrary, professional teeth whitening takes a stipulated time. In turn, you will get the warmest smile to attract people.

3. 3X whiter teeth

Yellowish teeth denote poor oral hygiene, which directly affects public perception. To avoid any untoward situation, teeth whitening by experts could be a solution. Regular appointments and post-whitening care allow you to get whiter teeth within a stipulated time.

4. Kills harmful bacteria

This treatment removes the teeth’s outer layer and wipes out harmful bacteria, tartar build-up and plaque. Therefore, your teeth can prevent themselves from gum disease and tooth decay. Overall, you can expect improved oral health. 

Get professional teeth whitening services from Magnum

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